Every event needs entertainment! Other Brother Entertainment is known for their show stopping performers, that are guaranteed to fill your event with fun and stories for years to come!

Other Brother Entertainment, Bryan Mahanes    |    843.225.5621

www.otherbrotherent.com   -   bryan@otherbrotherent.com   

Chamber Players, Mark Gainer    |    843.762.1584

www.charlestonchamberplayers.com    |   

Palmetto Strings, Lauren Williams   843.532.8656

***ceremony music***           


You can’t go to the chapel without one of these!

Terry Wilson                       


Chaplain George Rossi          



Everything event requires renting something from someone. From kitchen equipment for your caterer to fine china for your guests, tables and chairs to lounge furniture, we have a special few who can meet all your needs!

Event Kitchens, Marc Gaskins    |     843.276.7351

www.event-kitchens.com    |    marc@event-kitchens.com

Event Works    |    843.633.1900


Loluma, ShaSha Harnik    |    843.723.1365

www.loluma.com    |    shasha@loluma.com

Snyder Rentals    |    843.766.3366



Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co.    |    843.810.0107

www.lowcountryvalet.com    |    events@lowcountryvalet.com

Coastal Valet    |    843.367.1919



Coleman Hall requires that ALL EVENTS hire a day-of coordinator, that is insured. Below is a list of our very favorite coordinators, which we know you will love too!

Eventa Bella, Sabrina Ward    |    843.367.0022

www.eventabella.com    |    eventabella@gmail.com

Something to Celebrate, Sara Cavallon    |    843.697.7008

www.somethingtocelebrate.com    |    somethingtocelebrate@yahoo.com

Buckley Events, Kathleen Buckley    |    843.371.0139  

www.buckleyevents.com    |    Kathleen@buckleyevents.com


If the thought of planning all the little details is a bit overwhelming, have no fear, we have a solution!
Here are some of our favorite full-service planners, that will help take all the stress out of planning your event.

A. Caldwell Events    |    843.814.0202

www.acaldwellevents.com    |    info@acaldwellevents.com

Rebecca Woodland Wedding    |    843.990.9788

www.rebeccawoodlandweddings.com    |    info@RebeccaWoodlandWeddings.com


An event would be nothing without flower! They're the finishing touch on every table and the must-have accessory of every wedding!
Here are some of the best at pulling together al the right petals!

Eventa BellaSabrina Ward     |    843.367.0022

www.eventabella.com    |    eventabella@gmail.com

Stems    |    843.789.4930

www.charlestonstems.com    |    info@charlestonstems.com


Whether you’re looking for a table full of sweets or a mile high tiered cake, these are some of the best!

Tiers of Joy, Esti Steffenelli {can do GF}    |    843.789.4930

www.tiersofjoycakes.org    |    cakesbytiersofjoy@gmail.com

Christophe Chocolatier    |    843.297.8674

www.christophechocolatier.com    |    cpaume@christophechocolatier.com

Village Bakery    |    843.216.6771


WildFour Pastry {can do GF}    |    843.990.9391



We have an EXCLUSIVE partnership with Bev-Safe to offer Bar Services for our events. Please let us know if you would like information regarding our fabulously curated bar services!

Bev-Safe, Sierra Webb   |    843.367.9836



Bricklane Catering, Christy Roper    |    843.323.2696

www.bricklanecatering.com    |    Christy@bricklanecatering.com

Cru Catering, Chad Rhodes    |    843.534.2433

www.crucatering.com    |    chad@crucatering.com

B.Gourmet, Brooke Bishop|    843.834.4845

www.bgourmetcatering.com    |    sales@bgourmetcatering.com

Salthouse Catering, Tanya Gurrieri     |    843.577.7847

www.salthousecatering.com    |    info@salthousecatering.com


Who wants to forget about one of the most important parts of an event?! Not us! Here are the best of the best at creating the perfect atmosphere through lighting!

High Output, Scott Galatolie    |     843.722.3600

www.highoutput.com    |    sgalatolie@highoutput.com

Technical Event Company, Todd St. Onge    |    843.297.8559

www.technicaleventcompany.com    |    todd@technicaleventcompany.com    |    becky@technicaleventcompany.com


While you're busy making memories, these talented photographers will capture the details of your event and all of those unforgettable moments. Make sure your memories are well-documented for you to look back on with a smile for years to come!
With talent galore in Charleston there are so many to choose from - here is a small list of some of our favorite photo-snappin' folks. 

Aaron & Jillian Photography    |    Aaron & Jillian Osteen

www.aaronandjillian.com    |    info@AaronAndJillian.com

Sara Bee Photography     |   Sara Boyd   |   704.996.4869

www.sarabeephotography.com     |    sarabeephotography@gmail.com

Dana Cubbage Weddings    |   Dana Cubbage  

www.danacubbageweddings.com      |    info@danacubbageweddings.com

Rachel Craig Photography   |   Rachel Craig

www.rachelcraigphotography.com    |    rachel@rachelcraigphotography.com

Reese Moore Weddings   |   Reese Moore   |   574.210.7540  

www.reesemooreweddings.com   |    moore.reese@gmail.com