Unique Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions can be a fun way to remember family members who have passed, celebrate a couple’s new life together, or even include guests in the marriage rites. Whether there are old traditions passed down from the generations, or new ones made by the bride and groom as part of celebrating their new life together, adding a unique and special moment to your ceremony or celebration is a great way to make your wedding day stand out to your guests.

One of our fall couples, Melissa and Chris, performed the "Sawing of the Log” at their reception as guests watched and cheered. A log was placed on a sawhorse, and working together, the couple sawed the log in half! This German tradition is typically done following the ceremony, and symbolizes that the first tough obstacles of married life can be accomplished together. A very literal representation of overcoming obstacles together, as they'll surely face in their life to come. It was such a fun and unique celebration to watch - Congratulations again, Melissa and Chris!

HEY, THANKS!  Photography: Stacy Howell Photography